Rage 2 pre-order customers will receive a “cheat code” that will bring Tim Kitzrow β€” best known as the voice of the NBA Jam franchise β€” to the game. Dubbed “He’s On Fire,” the code will unlock play-by-play commentary from Kitzrow in Rage 2, which is set to be released May 14 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.
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AirPower Dead

A little shocked that Apple was unable to make AirPower work. It was obviously a complicated device, but they clearly thought in 2017 it was possible and there is just so much great engineering talent at Apple.

I hope that Apple now pivots to a more generic Qi charger. While there are lots of options available, I’d prefer to by something from Apple with their level of quality.

beautiful first quarter by the Raptors. The offence is really clicking #wethenorth πŸ€