No Man’s Sky in VR is remarkable. The killer app the technology needed. Incredible how far the game has come since its terrible launch 3 years ago.

Happy to see Tumblr find a good home. The team at Automattic have a fantastic record.

Joe Weisenthal on Twitter: “This tweet, more than anything else I’ve said about negative yields, has pissed a lot of people off, so I’d like to offer a brief non-troll explanation of how I’m thinking about the topic……” / Twitter

Sleepy Saturday!

I have an audience.

Rage 2 pre-order customers will receive a “cheat code” that will bring Tim Kitzrow — best known as the voice of the NBA Jam franchise — to the game. Dubbed “He’s On Fire,” the code will unlock play-by-play commentary from Kitzrow in Rage 2, which is set to be released May 14 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. — Read on

AirPower Dead

A little shocked that Apple was unable to make AirPower work. It was obviously a complicated device, but they clearly thought in 2017 it was possible and there is just so much great engineering talent at Apple.

I hope that Apple now pivots to a more generic Qi charger. While there are lots of options available, I’d prefer to by something from Apple with their level of quality.

Borderlands 3 looks fantastic.…

Fucking loved the trailer for Broderland 3. It captured the irreverent sillyness of the series perfectly. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Porsche 917 v the GT2RS is one of the best Grand Tour segment ever. Awesome.