Today was one of the Sundays. A Sunday where I was doing something the whole day, but nothing seemed to get done.

I have been working for the last few week son some new software to automate and streamline the business. We’ve been using a cobbled together collection of online services, all tied together by (the fantastic) Zapier. It worked, but there are a lot of compromises made that slowed things down and made things more difficult than they needed to be.

The only real solution was to take the time and build something for ourselves that perfectly fits our needs. So that is what we have done. It’s slowly getting there and (hopefully) we will have a first production version that we can move the company over to.

For the dogs, me sitting at the computer tapping away (and occasionally swearing at) the computer isn’t all the interesting, so they took the opportunity to sleep most of the day. I really don’t think they mind, apart from dinner time, the seem at their happiest when they get to just snooze all day, with the occasional belly-rub interruption.