Today was a bit of a lost day. I had the day off work, so there was the chance that much would get done, but a poor night’s sleep coupled with some rather upset sinuses meant it was very slow going. Well that, and errands.

I often feel like errands are the true enemy of getting work done. All those little tasks that have to get done, but take and inordinate amount of time to tackle. Mostly it is travel time that eats your day. A few quick errand can quickly eat up half a day when you have to drive and park for each one, and this gets even worse when you are going somewhere that is popular. 

For example, a simple pick up from the airport should only really take an hour. Its a 30 minute drive each way and, ideally, the plane arrives on time and you can time things so you are there just as required. That never happens though. There are almost always traffic issues around the airport that mean travel takes longer than it should and then planes seem to eievtiably be late. So something simple, that should only take an hour or so, takes more than two. Add a few of these together and that is one day quickly gone. 

I try hard to eliminate as many errands as possible, mostly by outsourcing things as much as possible, but sometimes the only way things can get done is by you physically being at a particular place, at a particular time.