I missed a few days there, but it was worthwhile as I focused on some upgrades to our practice management system, and catching up on sleep.

We use FileMaker for our practice management system. It’s fast to develop and works well on iOs, which is important because iPads are our primary devices. But FileMaker doesn’t do everything we need, sometimes other services are required.

I spent the weekend integrating TypeForms and Quickbooks with out FileMaker app using the awesome Zapier and FileMaker’s PHP web publishing.

It took a little bit of messing about to get to work, but was surprisingly easy and provides a huge amount of power. I have a whole raft of ideas for powerful interrogations we can use in the future to improve the client experience, and make back office more efficient.

I also took the opportunity to catch up on running, since the week so far had been a bit light on exercise. I’m still slower than I would like, but moving in the right direction.