Despite all the shortcomings and negativity around the original release, I really enjoyed No Mans Sky. It was a nice relaxing game that was awe inspiring in its scope . The game was just a bit lacking in things to do.

Thankfully Hello Games have have stayed true to their promise to provide regular updates and dropped a huge first patch full of base building, upgrades, new tech to research and fine and your own giant freighter.

I’ve only dived back in for a bit over an hour so far, but the update seems great. Base building and freighters are both nice additions that allow you to make your mark and bring some creativity into the game. While the updates to the game in general are also nice. Planets look better and have less bizarre terrain, and animals seem more common. I always have a lot of competition for my gaming time. There are too many good games and nowhere near enough time to play them all. I’ll definitely be spending some of those precious gaming hours digging into this update and building myself a nice customised base.

If you weren’t a fan of the original game, or just haven’t dived into No Mans Sky at all yet, I would recommend waiting a bit longer. The patch adds a lot, but there is still a way to go, hopefully we see another patch is about three months that completes the journey and get No Mans Sky to where it should have been on launch.