Final Fantasy 15 finally came out this week, and its causing me a problem. I have been a long time lover of the Final Fantasy series, but the more recent entries in the series have been pretty shit. So I sat on the fence with FF15 and waited to see what reviewers and friends thought. Happily, the consensus seems to be that FF15 is good!

While I am happy that there is another great game out in the world, and that we finally have another decent entry in the Final Fantasy series, it causes me a problem. While I would love to play FF15, I don’t think I really have the time.

Managing your time is always a problem, and not having enough seems to be the default state. When you pick up a game, you are essentially signing up to spending a certain number of hours to get through it. For a Final Fantasy game, that is a big investment, around 40 or 50 hours. I can get a lot of work done in 40 or 50 hours. I have a lot of stuff to get done, and generally, nowhere near enough time to get through it all. It’s hard to justify losing a weeks worth of work time just playing a game.

In this case, I think I’ll have to pass. The time it takes to get the full experience out of a Final Fantasy game is just too much at the moment. If I’m a bit less busy next year, I can always pick it up for half the price.