I have had a rather annoying couple of days. I somehow managed to injure my right wrist, which has left it a bit aggravated, which is making typing, and especially mousing, quite painful. Given that almost everything I do, at work, and at home, is on a computer, that isn’t ideal. So getting it sorted asap is a high priority.

That meant spending the day visits physios rather than getting any work done. The verdict is the whole area needs a bit of a break so it can recover. That isn’t ideal, I have stuff to get down. Happily, I have found that using the Wacom pen tablet seems to aggravate things less, and while a little strange using it for general navigation, it works well enough. The Apple Pencil on the iPad works perfectly.

Thankfully, typing on my excellent Microsoft Sculpt keyboard is reasonably fine.

Bluey was happy to have me home for the day though :)