There has been a lot of hype around ‘home hub’ devices such at the Amazon Echo and the Google Home in 2016. At first glance these devices make perfect sense, a simple speaker that allows you to access intelligent assistants from wherever you happen to be around your home. Just speak a command and stuff happens. However, they are a technology dead end. They only make sense now, in the brief period before wearable computing takes over the world.

Even now, as soon as you have an Apple Watch or the AirPods, and get used to having Siri right there on your wrist, or in your ear, the little box stuck in a room in your home becomes irrelevant. The people clamouring for Apple to enter this market are wrong, Apple is already past the ‘box at home’ phase and onto stage two. The AirPods are a future that makes far more sense that a limited box in the home. Having worn the AirPods for a few weeks now, I can see a very near future, where everyone just has a set of AirPod like devices in their ears permanently, giving them instant access to whichever AI assistant they are used to using.

These hubs are a stepping stone on this road, but they have already been superseded.