I didn’t spend a huge amount of time with the beta, but I got enough time in to form some opinions. In general, I liked it. It’s more Destiny and that is ultimately what I want, but I do have some quibbles. 


  • The story mission was fantastic. It was paced well and having NPCs actually join you in the fight made the work feel much more alive. 
  • The game looks gorgeous, with a big improvement in the graphics over Destiny 1.
  • The stirke was one of the best we’ve seen, with varied environments, and an interesting three stage boss.
  • Slowing time to kill in PVP is great, increasing the thought required in combat and putting the focus on skill with shooting. 
  • I like the new player skills, like he Titan Wall. They add more variety without being overpowered. 
  • I’m not sold on the changes to load out. It feels like it decreases the variety, and some of the power weapons feel weak. Although there was a certain charm to rocking two hand cannons and hot swapping when you ran dry. 
  • Skills and supers don’t recharge fast enough! I grant they need to be slowed down from the ability spam that we saw in D1, but I think they have gone too far. 
  • Guns feel a little weak in PVP, with the strike boss especially taking a long time to burn down if you picked the wrong load out. 
I’m confident that Bungie will sort most of this out in the next few months before release. The core is still great, its just some balancing that still needs to be done.