There is an incredible amount to love in the latest update to No Man’s Sky. It’s taken a year, but the game finally lives up to most of the promises that were made pre-launch.

Kudos have to go to Hello Games for sticking with it despite all the issues and finally getting the game to a good place. I really wish they had just waited the year and released this as the day one experience. It would have blown people away and avoid a lot of trouble.

I liked No Man’s Sky from the start, it was a fun, relaxing game that was something different. It did have issue, a criminal lack of content, some bugs, and quite a few unfulfilled promises. Now it has a story, a fleshed out sandbox, and just a ton of ‘stuff’ to do. It’s now a full game as well as a fun tech demo.

I’m interested to see if Hello Games takes this any further. I’d be happy enough if they left it at this. They’ve done more than I thought they would, and at somepoint they need to move on to new things.