I’m not expecting huge changes at WWDC this year, but there are things I really hope Apple does manage, in no particular order:

Xcode for iPad The fact that you still can’t develop apps for the iPad on the iPad is a glaring gap in its functionality. They have playgrounds on iPad, it’s time to make the next step and enable fully fledged app development on iPad.

Swift on the Server Offical adoption of a framework for Swift on the server (like Vapor).

Improvements to Siri Siri is pretty terrible and has fallen far behind Google Assistant and Alexa now. If they want Siri to stay relevant it needs to improve significantly. I’d also like to see them open it up, allowing developers more access to do innovative things.

New MacBook Pros The MacBook Pro has issues, they need to address this. A simple spec bump and an upgrade to the keyboard would do. Ditching the TouchBar for FaceID would be better.

Taking the iPad Seriously Xcode for the iPad would be a step towards this, but Apple clearly sees iPad as the future of the computing. To get there it needs improvements to multitasking, keyboard support, and files. The iPad also needs a desktop story. iPads are awesome portable devices, but there needs to be a big ones you can use at your desk while at the office to complete the ecosystem.