I played a fair amount of the Anthem VIP Demo and spent time with three of the four Javelins (Sorry Colossus). I did the three missions available, a hefty amount of free play and ran through the stronghold a bunch of times. More than enough to get a good feel for the game. This is a quick download.

Overall the game feels brilliant. Movement is fantastic, with flying, dodging and hovering all feeling great, making combat and traversal dynamic and fun.

Combat is also great, with incredible feeling abilities and an interesting combo mechanic making up for guns that mostly feel good rather than great. I also love that the classes feel and play differently, with clear roles to plan in a squad. This is a nice change from Destiny where the three classes only really differ in their super.

Enemy variety is good and the few bosses that were in the demo were all fun to fight with interesting mechanics. They also dropped tons of loot, all with good variety. The loot grind in this game feels a lot like Diablo 3, which is a really good thing. Obviously we only saw a tiny slice, but so far it was feeling good.

Finally, Anthem is graphically brilliant, with the open world in particular looking incredible. The game also ran fine on PS4 Pro with no real hiccups.

There are some downsides though. First, the bugs, of which there were a ton. I expect most of these will be sorted for launch though.

The story content in the demo was pretty boring, with unexciting characters and boring dialogue. The story hub is also empty and lifeless. There’s a lot of wooden characters standing around cycling through short animation loops that makes the place feel more like a horror movie set.

The lack of stats info in the game is a big problem. There is a lot of intricate stat based gear grind in the game, with no stat screen or summary its really hard to know what effect each item is having and how that all stacks up.

I also have concerns about content, in particular, enemy variety. There was a lot of variety in the demo, bit I’ve also seen nothing else in all the previews. If that is all there is, it’s going to be woefully inadequate. In particular, they need more types of titan with different attacks and some fly enemies. There is also the issue of end game content. The Stronghold was brilliant fun, but with only four of them, the game will need something else to keep it from getting old.

I can’t wait to play more of Anthem. Blasting through the games awesome jungle canyons in a mech suit then pulling up in to a hover to blast some Scar with rockets is damn good fun.