I played The Division early in its life. As has been well documented, it was a disaster, so I didn’t play for long. I know it improved over time, but it was never compelling enough to get me back into it.

The Division 2 beta didn’t fill me with confidence about the sequel. Anthem had a bad beta, but this was on a while other level. Constant connection errors, bugs, crashes, long server downtimes and general weirdness marred the beta constantly for its entire length. Wile Anthem got off to a rocky start, I was playing crash and disconnect free by the end of the beta. The Division 2 just didn’t get better though.

When you could actually play it, things were pretty good though. Combat is tactical and requires you to be careful and make proper use of cover. Shooting things feels great and the gearing system looks pretty good so far. The open world feels alive and amazing, with an awesome selection of stuff to do.

There aren’t many negatives either. Movement is a bit dodgy, especially around ledges and enemy ability spam is ridiculous. A lot of your own abilities are also woefully underpowered and take too long to recharge.

I’m glad we get a second beta in March. If they iron out the bug, I’d be keen to add this to my rotation.