Wtf is this shit. @bethesda any enthusiasm I had for this game is gone now.

I really like all of Apple’s announcements. Especially Apple Arcade. Really hope they all make it to Australia soon. 🍏

beautiful first quarter by the Raptors. The offence is really clicking #wethenorth 🏀

This looks fun >> Netflix’s next Bandersnatch is Bear Grylls’ survival show You vs Wild - Polygon

Please make the rain stop!


The rain is out of control today…

blah blah blah

What a ridiculous, backward, out of touch, stupid law. Sorry Amazon: Philadelphia bans cashless stores - Ars Technica

Lol >> Tim Cook Changes Twitter Name to ‘Tim Apple’ After President Trump’s Name Flub - MacRumors

What an idiot. We should never build another coal plant and we should accelerate the closure of those we have left. If we don’t we all suffer. ‘Now’ is the time for new coal plants, resources minister says - Australia news - The Guardian