Porsche 917 v the GT2RS is one of the best Grand Tour segment ever. Awesome.

Wtf is this shit. @bethesda any enthusiasm I had for this game is gone now.

I really like all of Apple’s announcements. Especially Apple Arcade. Really hope they all make it to Australia soon. 🍏

beautiful first quarter by the Raptors. The offence is really clicking #wethenorth 🏀

This looks fun >> Netflix’s next Bandersnatch is Bear Grylls’ survival show You vs Wild - Polygon

Please make the rain stop!


The rain is out of control today…

blah blah blah

What a ridiculous, backward, out of touch, stupid law. Sorry Amazon: Philadelphia bans cashless stores - Ars Technica

Lol >> Tim Cook Changes Twitter Name to ‘Tim Apple’ After President Trump’s Name Flub - MacRumors