Very happy with Apple’s WWDC announcements. The upgrades to iPad were badly needed and have me thinking about using the iPad more seriously again. iMac Pro and HomePod both look awesome and are things I can see myself buying. 

This is a test post, but it also includes a picture of Izzy rocking her PJ’s so it doesn’t completely waste your time.

With the Dauphine starting today, the cycling season kicks into high gear as we run up to the Tour de France. And at this stage, I think Richie Porte has to be the favourite for the Tour de France. Both Froome and Contador have had fairly subdued early seasons, devoid of big results, and Quintana was less than electrifying in the Giro. In contrast, Porte has had a winning start to the season and looks to be in awesome form.

Most years I get pretty bad sinus infection in the spring or summer. I thought I had dodged it this year, getting through both seasons, unscathed. I really didn’t expect it to catch up with me at the start of winter. Such a pain.

Nice to see IFTT getting more professional features. Hopefully will put pressure on Zapier to keep pushing the envelope.

A TV series based on the Witcher series. You can’t sign me up fast enough!

The Witcher is getting a Netflix series - Polygon

Was a rather exciting Grad Prix last night. The race between Vettle and Hamilton for first was close and exciting, and there were a few good scraps further down in the pack. However, the race really highlights the current issues with Formula 1. When only three drivers finish on the lead lap, and third place was over a minute off the pace, something needs to be close up the difference in performance.

The Giro has been great do far, with some great stages and some surprising results. But its good to finally get to the meat of the race. The Blockhaus is an epic climb and we should see the GC contenders finally have a crack so we can gauge their strength.

Pretty happy with Shorten’s budget response. A more progressive approach to increasing the Medicare Levy, and maintaining the budget deficit levy are both good moves. There’s also zero justification for the company tax cuts proposed by the Liberals, so happy to see opposition to those.

The idea of a cap on the deduction for managing tax affairs is a good one, but they could (and should) take this further and extend a cap on a wide range of deductions, which would go some way to reducing the unfairness in the system.…

Sad to see Rohan Denis out so early. I really wanted to see what he would make of a genuine GC bid. I’ve been enjoying the Giro so far, the first three stages were good fun, with some unexpected results. The course gets epic from here on out, so should be great.